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Be part of the change.

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We are missing out. 

I want us to count when big decisions are made in the Victorian Parliament.

I'm running for Ovens Valley because I want to do my part to keep our region great and I see opportunities to make it even better.


We have a chance to do politics differently in our patch. By voting for me, we can put party politics aside and bring the focus back onto our communities.


Together, we can shape our region’s future. 


We live in a very safe seat. The 16.6% swing we need to be noticed is a big call. Every vote counts.

Join my campaign and be part of the change.

I'm a mum, small business owner and board director.

Having lived and worked in our community for a long time now, I know what it takes to ensure our region remains prosperous.


I live in our community.


I will work to make our region stronger.


Trust that I'll be putting us first.

Over the past few years, I've spoken to many of you about our region's needs.

  • Supporting our manufacturing and ensuring good local jobs into the future.

  • Education so people can access the training they need for jobs right here in Ovens Valley.


  • Renewable energy that works for our region and ensuring we benefit with cheaper power and local jobs.


  • Investment in tourism infrastructure to attract more visitors to our beautiful region.


  • Strengthening and connecting our communities.


  • Support for our farmers, recognising the contribution agriculture makes to Victoria’s economy and the wellbeing of our communities

I believe in:


Donate to the next campaign.

Help put our region first.

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