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Thank you.

Thank you for supporting our effort to make our part of the world, Ovens Valley, matter in the 2018 Victorian election.


Whilst we didn't win, we have significantly changed local politics and we've sent a clear message that we expect better, and we deserve more, from our local Member of Parliament.

We've also shown that it's possible to be both positive and effective. Whilst our opponents were busy slinging mud we got on with promoting our brand of positive, inclusive politics. 

This outcome is not ideal but we can all be proud of our hard work. Losing this election isn't the end of the story. Whilst the loss doesn't feel too good, maybe it's setting us all up for something bigger down the track?

As you'd expect, we are undertaking some analysis of the campaign. Your constructive criticism and ideas are most welcome. Let us know what you think worked, what didn't, what we could do differently, what has been learnt. Please email these across to team@tammyforovensvalley.com

To remember the campaign, we have plenty of photos across on Instagram. Feel free to add yours with the #OVvotes hashtag or email them across and we will add them.

It has been a character-building experience and I have learned a little from defeat already and I'll learn more as things settle. I do know that putting myself forward was worth the risk of losing. I am grateful for your support and look forward to returning to work next week and continuing to play active roles in our community.

Thanks again, Tammy